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We get asked a lot of questions so we've decided to collate as many as we can remember in one place and hopefully this will save the time spent typing out a DM/email/comment.

Do you have gluten-free options?

We don't. Our meat alternatives are made using wheat protein which feature in virtually all of our dishes.​

Do you have any soy-free options?

Nope. We make our cheese alternatives using soy milk and we use soy sauce in most of our vegan meat.


What cheese do you use?

We've been making our own cheese since day one. We make two vegan cheeses, one for our sandwiches and one for our mac 'n' cheese, both of which are made from soy milk.


What bacon do you use?

We make our own! It's maple-smoked and seitan based. You can buy slices to takeaway if you like.

What's seitan?

Short answer: A meat replacement made using wheat protein. 

Long answer: here

What's bulgogi?

It's thin slices of marinated meat which is grilled on a barbeque. In Korean it translates as fire meat. We make ours with jackfruit which is slow cooked in soy, sesame, ginger, garlic, gochugaru with a hint of smoke. 


What's your tuna made from?

Our tuna is made from jackfruit & soy protein with other flavours to make it taste similar to tuna.

Can I have a latte?

Not here. We're a food focused place but we do the best filter coffee using locally roasted beans from Mr Eion. You can add a milk of your choice from coconut, almond, soy or oat.

Why don't you do your fried chicken in your shop?

Basically, we're not allowed. It's a whole boring planning thing....we need a new premises if we want to do our fried Chickn. In the meantime, we supply Teuchters in Leith with our Chickn meat and they make their version of a vegan fried chicken sandwich. Go get one!

How hot is your Hot Bacon sandwich?

This is very subjective. We can't possibly gauge your tolerance for spice. If you're sensitive to spice then we would recommend having any of our other sandwiches. None of them are spicy. 

What flavour is your Original Kombucha?

Emmm... It's delicious kombucha made by the lovely folk at You+I in Glasgow. Tasting notes: tart & tangy granny smith apples, conference pears and a hint of vanilla.

What is Kombucha?

You+I who make the kombucha describe it as:

"Kombucha is a fermented tea-based probiotic drink. It originated in China and has been consumed for thousands of years for it’s endless health benefits. It is believed to provide healthful micronutrients and beneficial bacteria to detoxify, aid in digestion and strengthen immunity."

Can you make the Anti-Monarchy without cranberries.

We could but we prefer them in our recipe. If you don't like fruit or cranberries then we recommend you trying any of the other items on our menu that don't contain fruit.

Do you do chips?

If you don't see it on our menu, we don't do it.

What's the special this week?

We try our best to post the special each week on our Instagram on Thursday but you can also pop in and ask what it is.

Can I book a table?

Walk-ins welcome and you can takeaway too but we don't accept bookings. Our place is just too small.

Do you do catering?

Yes, we can do catering. Leave us a message here and we'll see what we can do.

When do you open?

As of November 2023 we're open Wed - Sun 10am - 4pm. This could change. Always check Instagram 

Are you dog friendly?

ABSOLUTELY! Well behaved dogs are more than welcome and all dogs get a free treat which we bake in-house. We also sell them too.

Are you doing Christmas Turky's this year?

We get asked this question a lot. We originally did the X-mas Turky and roast dinners during 2020 as a way to keep busy during lockdown. The feedback we received was so amazing and we got so many requests to do them again that now we do them every year but in limited quantities.

Do you do gift vouchers?

Yes, we do. You can purchase them here.

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